The New York Times: Nonfiction Bestsellers

The top 15 "Combined Print and E-Book Nonfiction" titles for 12/03/2022, fetched from The New York Times Books API.
  • 1 (1). THE LIGHT WE CARRY, Michelle Obama / The former first lady shares personal stories and the tools she uses to deal with difficult situations.
  • 2 (2). FRIENDS, LOVERS, AND THE BIG TERRIBLE THING, Matthew Perry / The actor, known for playing Chandler Bing on “Friends,” shares stories from his childhood and his struggles with sobriety.
  • 3 (3). I'M GLAD MY MOM DIED, Jennette McCurdy / The actress and filmmaker describes her eating disorders and difficult relationship with her mother.
  • 4 (5). THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE, Bessel van der Kolk / How trauma affects the body and mind, and innovative treatments for recovery.
  • 5 (6). SURRENDER, Bono / The lead singer of the Irish rock band U2 offers details of his life, career and activism.
  • 6 (8). AND THERE WAS LIGHT, Jon Meacham / The Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer portrays the life of Abraham Lincoln.
  • 7 (4). SO HELP ME GOD, Mike Pence / The former vice president gives an account of his career, including his time in the Oval Office and during the Jan. 6 insurrection.
  • 8 (10). THE REVOLUTIONARY, Stacy Schiff / The Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer details Samuel Adams’s contributions to the American Revolution.
  • 9 (-). A HEART THAT WORKS, Rob Delaney / The comedian describes moving his family to London and dealing with tragedy.
  • 10 (9). THE SONG OF THE CELL, Siddhartha Mukherjee / The Pulitzer Prize-winning author chronicles the discovery of cells and describes how modern medicine uses them.
  • 11 (14). THE PHILOSOPHY OF MODERN SONG, Bob Dylan / In a collection of more than 60 essays, the musician and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature explores the nature of popular music.
  • 12 (7). THE COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE BOOK, Jerry Seinfeld / Behind-the-scenes photos and stories of the streaming series about the art of comedy.
  • 13 (15). WHAT IF? 2, Randall Munroe / The creator of the web comic “xkcd” and former NASA roboticist looks into hypothetical and oddball scenarios.
  • 14 (11). CINEMA SPECULATION, Quentin Tarantino / The filmmaker shares his love of cinema with special attention given to key American films of the 1970s.
  • 15 (-). AN IMMENSE WORLD, Ed Yong / The Pulitzer Prize–winning science writer explains the sensory perceptions and ways of communication used by a variety of animals.