Words on Art



Hi, I'm Anthony DeBarros and I made this site to a) teach myself the Django web framework and b) to celebrate the words of musicians, writers, journalists, poets, painters and other artistic types that inspire creativity and remind us of beauty.

This -- apart from tutorials and book exercises -- was my first Django site. Learning happens best when you ride the bike with no training wheels (I'd quote myself on the site, but that would be ... unseemly). Special thanks to Stack Overflow.

+ Font is Lusitana from the Google Web Fonts API.
+ Hosting by WebFaction.

Contact + Info:
+ Questions or suggestions? Please contact me via my blog site.
+ Other things I am building can be found on my Sandbox.
+ Source code on Github.
+ Feel free to reuse my code in your projects, but this site is Copyright 2012 Anthony DeBarros.