API Example: The New York Times Books API

This page shows the current top 15 "Combined Print and E-Book Nonfiction" titles for 09/14/2019, fetched from The New York Times Books API. To see the Django views.py that calls and parses the API, visit the code on Github.
  • 1 (-). TALKING TO STRANGERS, Malcolm Gladwell / Famous examples of miscommunication serve as the backdrop to explain potential conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • 2 (1). CALL SIGN CHAOS, Jim Mattis and Bing West / The former Marine infantry officer and secretary of defense recounts key moments from his career and imparts his leadership philosophy.
  • 3 (2). EDUCATED, Tara Westover / The daughter of survivalists, who is kept out of school, educates herself enough to leave home for university.
  • 4 (-). THE ONLY PLANE IN THE SKY, Garrett M Graff / An oral history of the events that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, based on transcripts, declassified documents and interviews.
  • 5 (-). SHE SAID, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey / Two reporters for The New York Times recount their investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abuses of power and the subsequent global disclosure of women’s traumatic stories.
  • 6 (-). THE EDUCATION OF AN IDEALIST, Samantha Power / The Pulitzer Prize-winning author's journey from being an immigrant to being an activist outsider to serving in President Obama’s cabinet.
  • 7 (-). HOW TO, Randall Munroe / The former NASA roboticist dispenses complex and excessive solutions to common problems; reclassified this week as nonfiction.
  • 8 (3). BECOMING, Michelle Obama / The former first lady describes her journey from the South Side of Chicago to the White House, and how she balanced work, family and her husband’s political ascent.
  • 9 (-). LIFESPAN, David A Sinclair and Matthew D LaPlante / A professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School expounds on some new technologies and lifestyle changes that may affect aging.
  • 10 (-). WILL MY CAT EAT MY EYEBALLS?, Caitlin Doughty / A funeral director answers 35 questions from children about death.
  • 11 (11). THREE WOMEN, Lisa Taddeo / The inequality of female desire is explored through the sex lives of a homemaker, a high school student and a restaurant owner.
  • 12 (4). RADICALS, RESISTANCE AND REVENGE, Jeanine Pirro / The Fox News host posits those she labels anti-Trump conspirators have committed possible crimes and a plot to destroy liberty.
  • 13 (7). BORN A CRIME, Trevor Noah / A memoir about growing up biracial in apartheid South Africa by the host of “The Daily Show.”
  • 14 (-). OPEN BORDERS INC., Michelle Malkin / The conservative syndicated columnist blames liberals and Silicon Valley for what she calls an immigration crisis.
  • 15 (-). SOMETHING DEEPLY HIDDEN, Sean Carroll / The theoretical physicist puts forward the theory that there is more than one of us in the universe.