API Example: The New York Times Books API

This page shows the current top 15 "Combined Print and E-Book Nonfiction" titles for 01/18/2020, fetched from The New York Times Books API. To see the Django views.py that calls and parses the API, visit the code on Github.
  • 1 (2). JUST MERCY, Bryan Stevenson / A law professor and MacArthur grant recipient’s memoir of his decades of work to free innocent people condemned to death.
  • 2 (1). EDUCATED, Tara Westover / The daughter of survivalists, who is kept out of school, educates herself enough to leave home for university.
  • 3 (-). TIGHTROPE, Nicholas D Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn / The Pulitzer Prize-winning authors examine issues affecting working-class Americans.
  • 4 (-). RUNNING AGAINST THE DEVIL, Rick Wilson / The Republican strategist offers his insights on how to potentially defeat President Trump in the upcoming election.
  • 5 (3). TALKING TO STRANGERS, Malcolm Gladwell / Famous examples of miscommunication serve as the backdrop to explain potential conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • 6 (4). BECOMING, Michelle Obama / The former first lady describes her journey from the South Side of Chicago to the White House, and how she balanced work, family and her husband’s political ascent.
  • 7 (-). UNCANNY VALLEY, Anna Wiener / A millennial’s memoir is interwoven with a look at changes within Silicon Valley.
  • 8 (5). MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE, Lori Gottlieb / A psychotherapist gains unexpected insights when she becomes another therapist’s patient.
  • 9 (7). CATCH AND KILL, Ronan Farrow / The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter details some surveillance and intimidation tactics used to pressure journalists and elude consequences by certain wealthy and connected men.
  • 10 (6). THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE, Bessel van der Kolk / How trauma affects the body and mind, and innovative treatments for recovery.
  • 11 (8). SAPIENS, Yuval Noah Harari / How Homo sapiens became Earth’s dominant species.
  • 12 (9). WHY WE SLEEP, Matthew Walker / A neuroscientist uses recent scientific discoveries to explain the functions of sleep and dreams.
  • 13 (15). SAY NOTHING, Patrick Radden Keefe / A look at the conflict in Northern Ireland known as the Troubles.
  • 14 (-). AMERICAN OLIGARCHS, Andrea Bernstein / An investigative journalist traces the proliferation of the Trump and Kushner dynasties
  • 15 (11). THE BODY, Bill Bryson / An owner’s manual of the human body covering various parts, functions and what happens when things go wrong.