API Example: The New York Times Books API

This page shows the current top 15 "Combined Print and E-Book Nonfiction" titles for 02/10/2018, fetched from The New York Times Books API. To see the Django views.py that calls and parses the API, visit the code on Github.
  • 1 (1). FIRE AND FURY, Michael Wolff / A journalist offers an inside account of the first year of the Trump White House.
  • 2 (-). OBAMA, Pete Souza / More than 300 pictures of the former president by his White House photographer, with behind-the-scenes stories.
  • 3 (2). ALL-AMERICAN MURDER, James Patterson and Alex Abramovich with Mike Harvkey / The story of Aaron Hernandez, the New England Patriots tight end convicted of first-degree murder.
  • 4 (-). DIRECTORATE S, Steve Coll / How the United States failed to understand a secret wing of a Pakistani intelligence agency and doomed two wars.
  • 5 (-). MURDER BEYOND THE GRAVE, James Patterson / Two true-crime stories: "Murder Beyond the Grave" and "Murder in Paradise."
  • 6 (4). HORSE SOLDIERS, Doug Stanton / Special Forces operatives fought the Taliban on horseback shortly after Sept. 11. The basis of the movie "12 Strong."
  • 7 (5). ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY, Neil deGrasse Tyson / A straightforward, easy-to-understand introduction to the laws that govern the universe.
  • 8 (3). KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON, David Grann / The story of a murder spree in 1920s Oklahoma that targeted Osage Indians, whose lands contained oil.
  • 9 (-). EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, Kate Bowler / A divinity school professor examines her tacit beliefs when she learns she has late-stage colon cancer.
  • 10 (7). LEONARDO DA VINCI, Walter Isaacson / A biography of the Italian Renaissance polymath which connects his work in various disciplines.
  • 11 (-). SO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT RACE, Ijeoma Oluo / A look at the contemporary racial landscape of the United States.
  • 12 (15). HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt / The decline of democracies in Europe and Latin America and ways to avoid authoritarianism.
  • 13 (13). THE LAST BLACK UNICORN, Tiffany Haddish / The comedian recounts growing up in South Central Los Angeles and finding success after a period of homelessness.
  • 14 (-). LOST CONNECTIONS, Johann Hari / The journalist describes nine causes of depression and anxiety, and offers potential solutions.
  • 15 (11). TRUMPOCRACY, David Frum / A former speechwriter for George W. Bush argues how America might become an illiberal democracy.